Time to Rant: Fitness Edition

I have a blog which technically gives me license to rant every once in a while, right? 😉 Well, today, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’ve been talking about this for years and I’d love to see something come of it. So what would I like to rant about today? Plus size workout clothing. Why? Because it doesn’t really exist!

Yeah, I know you can find some active clothing here and there. In fact, Lane Bryant has a line called Livi. You can also find some clothes from Fabletics in XXL. However, their clothes really only fit up to a size 14/16 after trying a few things on.  So that really doesn’t leave much, does it?

Here’s the thing, for some reason I really hate working out in front of other people. I have to admit I have this weird insecurity of people listening to me breathe loud while I’m running. I know, it’s dumb but I constantly focus on it at the gym. Throw in that I’m overweight and am sweating like crazy and you can see how it’s enough to keep me from ever working out. So when I do, I want to look good. I want to wear a cute outfit with my hair in this perfect braid so that at least when people are around me they think, poor girl is sweating and breathing loud, but she looks cute! A little preposterous, maybe but it’s what I need to keep me motivated.

That’s why it drives me crazy that some of the biggest fitness brands in the world don’t have anything for a plus size audience. We need to work out and look good too! If we really want to go there, society says that we need to work out. In fact, so do our doctors. While I’m as lazy as they come, I even know that my body needs this to prosper. So it would only make sense that cute workout clothes in plus sizes would be readily available. Why aren’t they?

Here’s why you come in on the conversation, know of a place that I don’t? Please share it with me in the comments section. I’d love to hear about it. There may be some online retailers I don’t know about but I’ve always been one to try on things before I buy them. I’m more of a brick and mortar customer when it comes to clothes. However, I’m open to whatever you can find. Share your thoughts with me!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. First of all, before I read this all I wanted to say is you are drop dead gorgeous, girl! For reals. So pretty. In regard to the blog, I love ZELLAS plus size clothes. They look so good on everyone!


    1. Jillian Hailey says:

      Appreciate the tip. I’m going to check out ZELLAS. And thank you so much, you are so sweet!


  2. Cara says:

    I completely agree with you on this! Everybody deserves the same opportunity to look cute, no matter the size. Also, you are gorgeous! 🙂


    1. Jillian Hailey says:

      Thank you, Cara!


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