Why I’m Late to Work: The Soup Peddler

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the healthiest eater. I want to be but the stress of life gets in the way. I tend to get overwhelmed with work, my hobbies and being a mom. So, last on the list is my diet. However, I have found one solution that has really helped.

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The Soup Peddler is a local Austin business with multiple locations. I went to check it out when a new location was added close to our apartment. After talking with the owner, I was instantly in love. The Soup Peddler’s menu features sandwiches, salads, soups, juices and smoothies. But here’s why they’re so amazing, they have prepackaged healthy meals for an incredible price. That means, I can walk in grab a large bag of healthy soup and walk out with dinner for the family. The ingredients are organic and of the highest quality. Plus, it’s just good. So, when I’ve had a particularly bad day binging on donuts and burgers, it’s good to know I can end it on a good note.

Soups are a great meal, especially if you get it from a place like this. Look for something really hardy, chocked full with protein and vegetables. I promise if you find the right soup, you’ll feel full and that will help you maintain or lose weight.

Then, there’s one of my favorite meal replacements- smoothies. I need breakfast. I mean, I need it! Otherwise, I’m hangry and unproductive until lunch time. I often vouch for smoothies over other breakfast items. They give me lots of energy and I’m getting plenty of fruits and vegetables (which I need since I eat like a 5-year-old kid most of the time.) I’ve noticed it really helps me with my waistline as well.

The Soup Peddler really turned me on to finding the best smoothies to replace meals. I had always thought any smoothie would do but owner, David Ansel, showed me quite different. When replacing a meal with smoothies, get something with a protein to keep you going until your next meal time. The Soup Peddler has many selections with peanut butter or crushed nuts, like cashews. My favorite smoothie there is called, Magic Carpet Ride. It features cherry, pistachios, tahini, sumac, banana and coconut water. But what really makes this drink for me in the Himalayan Salt. Such a unique taste that I continue to come back for! Another great one is Nina Simone. So why am I always late to work? Because I’m waiting for this place to open up at 8:00am so I can head to work with an amazing breakfast.

As you can see, I highly recommend trying out the Soup Peddler, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a healthy meal to help you lose weight, try doing a soup or smoothie. Just a quick warning: be on the lookout, some smoothies have a lot of sugar in them. Find a local place with organic ingredients that will make you something without any added sugar.

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Happy eating!

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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    Ah, I like the Soup Peddler, but it’s hard to get soup when you can smell the delicious burgers from Phil’s nearby! 🙂


    1. Jillian Hailey says:



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