You Are What You Think

Last week in church, our Pastor covered something that really hit me. It’s something that I think anyone can grow from, no matter your walk of faith. You’ve heard it before, you are what you eat and while I won’t be touching on that I do want to raise a new statement in your mind: you are what you think.

“I think, therefore I am.” — René Descartes

Your mind is incredibly powerful. We know it to be true but we often forget. The thoughts you hold captive can make or break your entire day. Just think about it, let’s say you’ve woken up to the smell of fresh breakfast sizzling away in the kitchen. You’re probably going to have a great mood all morning because someone loved you enough to make you a morning meal. On your way to work, you get stuck in traffic, but you don’t mind, your favorite song is on. And so the positive outlook continues throughout the day.

Dr. Matt Cassidy of Grace Covenant Church illustrates in the sermon below that our mind works in a cycle with our behavior. What you think determines how you feel, which determines what you do. This works with positive or negative thoughts. I bring this up because it directly relates to how we view ourselves. If we think negatively about ourselves, we start to feel those things towards ourselves. Our emotions end in self destructive behavior like overeating.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.12.12 PM

If we want to be confident, beautiful women like the people we often admire everyday, we have to start with our very own thoughts. What are some ways we could do this? Why not leave a note on your mirror that simply says, “Hey Beautiful.” Or you could hang sweet compliments to yourself on your hangers like “You have amazing boobs.” It’s time to stop beating ourselves up. What good is it doing? Nothing. We can all accomplish so much more with a positive attitude.


Uncommon Peace – Matt Cassidy – 04.17.2016 from Grace Covenant Church on Vimeo.

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