Get Off the Couch and Get it Tailored!

I definitely think what I’m writing about today pertains to just about everyone but there’s something really special about it when you apply it to the plus size community. I don’t know about you but I’ve always had trouble finding clothes that actually fit me well. I’m short and very curvy. Even at my lowest weight, I ended up trying an armful of clothes on, only to walk away with one item or none that worked. At the time, my waist was very small but I had and still have a huge booty. I mean huge, people! So, every pair of jeans I owned back then was loose around my waist because I had to buy several sizes bigger to fit my butt. Now, my body has changed a bit. Okay, maybe a lot.

To set the record straight, I still have a huge butt. In fact, it’s probably bigger now than it used to be but I’ve evened it all out with my tummy area. This leaves me shopping for a fairly large pair of jeans, and, for some reason, designers have assumed that if you need a larger waistband, you also need a large leg length. As a result, I’m usually swimming in my jeans as they drag the ground because my height doesn’t match the magical size needed for everything to be proportionate on me according to design standards. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen many girls in this predicament and the truth is, it doesn’t look good. Clothes look bigger than they’re supposed to, leaving you looking bigger than you’re supposed to. And since none of us want to look bigger, that means we have to put forth a little more effort in the way our clothes fit.

Have you ever used a tailor or considered using a tailor? Maybe you have for a big event like a wedding but never before for your everyday clothing. It’s time to start making them a part of your style routine. Look, I get it. I know that it costs more and is a pain to actually go do but once it’s done, it’s done. There is nothing like a custom fit to make you look and feel your best everyday. I’ve been guilty of not getting my clothes tailored and letting them hang in strange positions because it didn’t fit me just right. But since last week, I’ve decided to change that.

So what happened last week? Well, for starters, I was honored to be nominated for an award by Austin Women in Media. The awards would be presented at a gala, which meant I needed something to wear. My time to shop was extremely short so I ran into Lane Bryant and found something that worked, well almost. The legs were very wide and the cut was supposed to fit like a capri, but on me, they looked like very odd high waters. I knew I was only a few inches away from looking amazing in this outfit so, I decided to get it tailored. A couple of days went by and I went to go pick my jumpsuit back up. When I tried it on– perfection! I felt so on top of the world. Had I not gotten that done, I would have been self conscious the whole night.

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You see only a few inches kept me from looking and feeling drop dead gorgeous. We all have those staples in our closet that are almost perfect but there’s that one thing that always bothers us. I encourage you to start using tailors more often. A small investment will do a world of good on your overall look!

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  1. Tracy Walker says:

    Love this Jillian! Great post to encourage all of us. Tracy


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