The Day I Met My Fairy Godmother

No, really, I did! And you can meet her too. Actually, she’s located at the Domain here in Austin at Neiman Marcus. You can even schedule an appointment with her at the Dior cosmetics station. Her name is Fairy and she truly performed magic on me last week.

Once upon a time, I was excited about going to a gala. I normally do my own makeup and I really like my personal makeup skills. I sold Mary Kay for a while where I took classes from professional makeup artists and I tend to binge on makeup tutorial Youtube videos but it’s nice to get a refresher every once in a while. I’ve learned that taking other people’s perspectives on you can be very beneficial at times. When you get caught up in a daily routine, it’s good to have it shaken up a little. That Thursday, is the day I decided to do just that. A friend had mentioned going to Neiman’s to get her makeup done. I was just planning to do my own as usual but she invited me to come along.

I’ll admit I was nervous. I was going to a gala where I wanted to look my best, and yet I was completely trusting my looks to someone else. When my friend sat down, I began to see her transform. It was a wow moment. She looked like a model when Fairy got done with her. I was instantly excited to hop into the seat next. When Fairy had done her magic on me, I looked in the mirror and was speechless. I honestly didn’t know what to say or think. I looked so different than I was used to. Was it good? Was it bad? I wasn’t sure. It’s that same feeling you get when you drastically change your hair. I thanked Fairy and walked out, deciding to give it some time before I left for the big night.

Looking back at the photos, I love what she did. It’s certainly not what I usually do but my eyes popped that night! It was nice to see myself in a different light. Fairy brought out my best features and I didn’t have to pay a penny for it.

If you’ve been feeling down or burnt out with your current look, I encourage you to do this as homework. Stop by one of the makeup counters in a department store and let them make you over. You can always wash it off it you don’t like it but you never know, it may just be your happy ending!

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