Old Navy Swimsuit Try On

If you’re like me, being plus sized means absolutely dreading that trip to the store to find a new swimsuit. Most of the time you walk out of the dressing feeling defeated and lacking any self confidence you came in with. It can be a very taxing errand. So, I wanted to see if I could help a little. For the next few weeks, I will hit up stores that are plus size friendly and try on various suits I think will work. This way, you don’t waste your time with suits and stores that are only going to leave you disappointed.

My first stop was Old Navy. I absolutely love this store. The price is right and a lot of their clothes fit my plus size figure nicely. So, it only made sense that I should test out their swimming suits. Some were good, some were bad but I did find a suit or two I was happy with. Want the details? Join my Thighs and Lows Blog group on Facebook to see the full album with comments. 

Some stores up next include Lane Bryant, Target and Torrid. Happy swimming!




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