The Online Only Epidemic

It’s a trend that’s catching on in the retail world. A simple action for the fashion industry to relay they are all inclusive without fully committing to anything. The worst part? It doesn’t make any sense.

I’m talking about the online only mark that retail stores are passing off as a welcome mat to the plus size community. I remember the first time it really caught my attention. It was the Spring of 2015 and Target announced they would be doing a Lily Pulitzer collection that included, wait for it, plus size options. I remember being over the moon about that news until I investigated a little further. Yes, the Lily Pulitzer collection was going to be available in plus sizes, but only online. That was all it took to set me into a full range panic attack. Clearly, I’m being dramatic but what was a plus size girl like me supposed to do? I couldn’t just sit around guessing what size was going to work for me, this collection was going to sell out and I had to act fast! And don’t get me started about designer collections and sizing. Usually they run much smaller for some reason and there was no way I had enough money in my account to buy several sizes for each thing. So there I was, having a conniption on what to do when all I wanted was to raid the store and try on as I went. Sigh. Luckily it all worked out and I guessed right but there have been many times I haven’t.

It frustrates me that the one group of women who really need the option to try on clothes and make sure they glide over every nook and cranny don’t get that need met. Would it really be so hard for them to carry those sizes in store? Even this year Target had their Marimekko plus size collection online only, which was a surprise to me considering the push back they got from doing this last year.  Then there was an email I got from Francesca’s that also excited me at first. They announced that they would be selling plus sizes, only to again explain that it would only be available online.

Will someone please stop the madness? I want to give you all my money but I need to be able to try things on first! What about you? Does the online only option bother you or are you just excited it’s available?

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