Target Swimsuit Try-On

In my Thighs and Lows Blog Facebook Group, I have been sharing a series of swimsuit try-ons. In the past, I really dreaded swimsuit season. That meant I had to face the facts, that I didn’t have a body I was proud to show off. Every time I left a  dressing room, I was more and more disappointed and self-conscious. Because of this, I decided to take on a project that helped others in the same position. So far I have posted full details of the more flattering swimmer styles at stores like Old Navy, Lane Bryant and now Target in my group. My hope is that this will set some expectations and help other plus size women find a swimsuit that will make them feel confident.

I have to say Target really surprised me this year. I walked in expecting to find slim pickings but I ended up purchasing a suit I love. The craziest part, some of my favorites weren’t even from their plus size brand, Ava and Viv. In fact, I found quite a few pieces from a brand called Aqua Green that I really loved including this one:




First of all, this suit is tight. I mean really tight, which I loved. It sucked everything into place, and since I need the help, I fully embraced it. I also loved how smooth and streamlined it was. The one-piece allowed full coverage all the way up to the neck. I felt really sexy in this one and plan to buy it in the future.

This is another swimsuit from Aqua Green. I tried on a size XL in their regular sizing and it worked for me (I’m typically a size 18). They also carry plus sizes. This is actually the suit I ended up buying.


The ruffled tiers are very feminine but my favorite part, they cover everything. Every flaw, bump and jiggle are hidden under these beauties. So naturally, I felt extremely confident. The most unique thing I found is that it wasn’t black. Typically I like to wear black suits because they are better at hiding flaws. With this suit you could wear any color because of how it is structured.

I also tried on some suits from Ava and Viv that are not pictured. They all worked out okay but I didn’t find any I felt amazing in. In summary, Target is a great place to shop for your Summer suit this year. If you’re in a time crunch, you’ll have no problem walking out with something you’ll be happy with. For more photos and try-on details, join my Facebook group. 

Been wanting to try-on suits yourself? Join me for my Misery Loves Company event happening June 25th in Torrid at the Domain. This will be fun girl time where you can try on suits and share opinions in a positive environment. The best part, we can drown our insecurities with a big bowl of frozen yogurt afterward. Hope you can join me!




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