The Best Solution When Nothing Seems to Fit

A while back at the Thighs and Lows Confidence Workshop, I posed the question to attendees, “What would you like to see on the blog?” The answer, a post about accessories. How does a plus size women choose the right thing to compliment her outfit without adding bulk? Well, I had to jump on this because usually 80% of my outfit is built by accessories. Here’s why:

I’ll be honest, it is straight up hard to find clothes that fit well. My body has some really weird things going on with it now that I’ve had a baby. I think there are many more options available to the plus size community than used to be but we are still not to a place yet where we can walk into a store and expect things to fit. It takes a lot of work and that means trying just about everything we can find on. Don’t get me started on pricing either! Most decent plus size stores are so expensive. I rarely can afford it. So, that leaves me with a limited warddrobe to work with most of the time. Hence the saving grace of accessories. Oh how I love the jewels, belts and scarves!

There are great ways to really make an outfit pop with just a few of these babies. So here are some of my favorites:

  1. ASOS sells various collars you can wear almost like a necklace. It creates the illusion of having a collared shirt under your blouse without having to actually layer. The great thing about this is that it quickly gives you a new look for less. When you’re a plus sized woman, you always want people’s eyes to focus up and away from your problem areas. This is one way to draw attention to your best features. image1xxl
  2. Buy statement jewelry that can speak for your outfit. I once heard, “the bigger your booty, they bigger the jewelry.” Pretty funny, right? It’s also true. Gaudy and chunky jewelry look great on plus size women. If you have a big chest, you’re going to look amazing with a big statement necklace. The key with statement jewelry is limiting it to one place on the body. If you wear a large necklace, keep the earrings minimal and vice versa. I love to visit Bauble Bar for great statement pieces.13944_m
  3. Long necklaces are great ways to create an instant slimming effect. Go for necklaces that hit between your chest and belly button.
  4. Scarves can be a great addition to just about any top. It’s a quick way to change things up. One trick my girlfriends and I used to pull off was to dress up classic t-shirts with a silk scarf secured in a bandana style. It added a cool flair and we got to wear something comfy all day long!
  5. Belts are a great way to play with the eye. Wearing belts right underneath your chest can bring attention away from your tummy. I usually like to wear thicker belts when doing this. 235155_09096
  6. Tights are a fun way to add a statement to your dress or skirt without changing up too much, especially when they have a cool print.

It’s amazing how many outfits you can make look new again when you get creative with accessories. You’ll be surprised at how much they can really build your confidence! Share with me, what are your favorite ways to accessorize?

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