Dreaming of CurvyCon

When I started this blog, I wanted to really be immersed in the plus size community. That meant seeking out like minded bloggers, publications and designers. One of my recent goals is to build my Instagram following. My handle is @jillianhailey if you want to give me a follow. While scrolling through and looking for who to add to my list, I discovered something. It’s called CurvyCon and I’ve never wanted to go to an event so bad in my life!

The CurvyCon resides in New York and was founded by blogger, Chasity Garner of the blog GarnerStyle. Check her out, she’s gorgeous and has killer style. I mean, heart eyes for days! It just went down this past weekend so I watched from a far, yearning to be strolling the streets with the industry’s finest. Top bloggers, designers, Youtubers and brands come together for a weekend of shopping, panels and fashion. In fact, Season 14 Project Runway winner, Ashley Nell Tipton was there to present some exciting news from JcPenney.

Even just through social media, it was so refreshing to see the confidence all these plus size women exhibit. Photos flooded my stream with beautiful women of all sorts of different sizes flaunting their curves with pride.


I have to figure out how to get here. I’ll sell all my stuff or something! Rumor has it there will be another CurvyCon during New York Fashion Week. Perfect timing. I love the statement that makes. I’m looking forward to the fashion industry recognizing plus size beauty more and more.

You can get a feel for what CurvyCon is all about by scrolling through their Facebook page.  While you’re doing that, I’m plotting my scheme to attend next year and I’m taking you with me! Need your tickets now? Click here.

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