Boob Sweat Takes the Spotlight on T&L’s First Ever Podcast

It’s been something I’ve thought about for quite a while, podcasting. I absolutely love listening to podcasts, especially during my work day and workouts. It’s a great way to engage your mind and pass the time. My favorite part is how carefree and informal most podcasts are. It’s basically people recording a fun conversation. Then there’s the fact that I work for a local radio station which doesn’t help either. When you’re surrounded by a world of audio, it just makes you want to share your voice even more. So this last week, I decided to take the plunge.

It all started when I got a hilarious text from my friend, Lisa. I mean, what a random reason to be late, right? As soon as I got to work, I made a beeline straight to her desk. Once I heard the full story behind the text, I knew this is what I wanted to start with.

Lisa Text Message

Please take a listen and let me know your thoughts. This is definitely something I’m considering doing on a regular basis if you guys end up liking it. We had a lot of fun and put a lot of blood, SWEAT, and tears into it.  It’s certainly a topic every woman can relate to!




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