Announcing the Va Va Voom!

I don’t remember the exact moment that I stumbled upon it but when I did, I instantly saved it into my favorites. I remember thinking, these necklaces are so cute and I may have to commission them to do some custom ones. At the time, it had never occurred to me what would become of this thought. My blog didn’t exist and my journey towards self acceptance didn’t really either.

So months pass, time changes and I am ignited with a passion that makes itself known through this blog and my Facebook group. I’m finding myself so fulfilled with the growing community of women who want to join together and encourage each other. And then, as if everything was timed perfectly, I stumble upon the Etsy shop that created necklaces I had admired months past. That’s when I decided to do something crazy– I sent out a pitch to Everett Charles Co. I shared about my blog and mission and discussed a collaboration. With fingers crossed, I pushed the send button. Before I knew it, they were in and the Va Va Voom was born!

Jillian Pedersen, Thighs and Low Blog, Va Va Voom, Everett Charles Co

Featuring the colors of the Thighs and Lows Blog logo on a brilliant gold chain, the Va Va Voom is a daily reminder of self love when worn. The necklace is a symbol of body positivity, a statement that we are all precious creations. The best part? Everett Charles Co. is giving Thighs and Lows Blog fans a $1 shipping discount on this lovely necklace when you mention “thighs” in the sellers note while purchasing. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and get this beautiful piece that will constantly remind you to love yourself every time you wear it. And if that’s not amazing enough, the story behind what your purchase supports is even more heart warming.

Everett Charles Co. has a unique story behind the business’ origins. Founded by a couple who struggled through two years of unexplained infertility and went through six rounds of treatment, adoption became the option that stole their hearts. As you can imagine, a process like this is extremely expensive and, often times, comes with its doses of heartache. The beautiful thing about these two is that their hearts remain in the right place, filled with hope knowing that their future has been written by God himself. The business has been created to support their desire to adopt and fund all the expenses that come with it. They have several local themes for their necklaces but you can also request custom designs like your college colors. So, share this with family and friends. Let’s help make their adoption dreams a reality together.

With a full heart,



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