Body Positive Bundle Giveaway!

I’ve been so blessed by the amazing community that has supported the Thighs & Lows brand. We’ve had fruitful conversations in the Facebook group and plenty of fun events. That’s why I reached out to a few shops on Etsy to give you guys a big thank you! The Thighs and Lows Blog is hosting its first ever giveaway with body positive prize bundle!

I’d like to give a special thank you to these shops for donating their empowering products to our giveaway.

Basic Wick Girls

When I first discovered Basic Wick Girls, I knew I had to reach out. This Cheat Day candle is as cute as they come and any one that’s been on a diet can definitely relate. They have plenty of clever candles like this. One of the owners is also plus size so she was more than happy to join the giveaway. You can click on the image to shop more candles.

Basic Wick Girls Thighs and Lows Blog Giveaway

Everett Charles

Everett Charles created the Va Va Voom necklace just for the Thighs and Lows Blog group. It is a daily reminder to appreciate your body every day. Everett Charles has a great story behind the shop. You can read about it here. The best part is you can get your own customizable necklace, like one that features your school colors.

Everett Charles Thighs and Lows Blog Giveaway

Yardley December

The moment I looked at Yardley December’s shop, I knew I had to reach out. It’s full of sassy pins, keychains and necklaces. The pin below was my favorite but I currently own one that says, Curvy Babe. My wishlist contains a pin that says Taco Babe and Buy Me Pizza to name a few.

Yardley December Thighs and Lows Blog Giveaway

Shop TwentyThree3

This shop was created by a fellow blogger that has mad design skills.  I love the messages of these stickers. Great little reminders to stick around the house.

Shop TwentyThree3 Thighs and Lows Blog Giveaway

Feel free to visit these shops to thank them for helping us with this giveaway. You can enter below to win the prize bundle. Good luck! One lucky winner will be chosen August 23rd. Entries accepted until August 22nd.

Thighs and Lows Blog Giveaway

5 Comments Add yours

  1. These are all such great body positive prizes. I especially love the pin and stickers – daily reminders are awesome!


  2. Jordana says:

    The VA VA Voom necklace is my favorite!! It’s beautiful!


  3. I LOVE the candle!!! All the items are so adorable!


  4. Kayley says:

    My favorite item is the candle, because it looks delectable, and I’m sure it would smell that way too!


  5. Lan says:

    My favorite is the sticker pack! 😊 💕 I looooove stickers and those are so cute


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