The Confidence Test

It’s been a while since I’ve written the blog post, “Get Your Confidence Back.” Hopefully, over time, you have found ways to love yourself more and more each day. While it’s certainly a work in progress, I urge you to keep finding the beauties that make you unique.

I’ve recently had my own up and downs as the weight on the scale continues to grow despite my efforts to eat well. So, I developed the confidence test to stretch my limits and see what I could handle. Sometimes it’s good to push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone so that you are able to grow. The confidence test will do just that.



Some of these were definitely challenging but I was able to complete the test in one week. I started by eating alone in a sit down restaurant. I work in a really wealthy part of town which always makes me feel like I stick out even more. I ordered my food in this part of town and popped in one headphone to listen to one of my favorite podcasts while I ate. It certainly wasn’t my favorite thing to do but I did it.

I also challenged myself to wearing my hair a way that I wasn’t totally sure about. I recently cut it off and had been wanting to do little pigtails on top of my head. The problem is that I’m almost in my thirties and most people would say that is to old to do such a thing. I really liked it though so I pushed myself to rock them at work. Surprisingly, I got so many compliments that day.


As far as complimenting strangers go, I try to do that as much as possible. We don’t compliment each other enough. I wrote about that in The Compliment Conundrum. Sure, it can be weird talking to a stranger but you know they appreciate it once it happens.

So, I challenge you to take the confidence test. Share with me how it goes in the comments section.


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