Spanx That Won’t Spank Your Bank

In Texas, it seems like it’s always hot. Normally adding another layer of clothing is not even a thought I want to have. However, most of us have that one outfit that’s basically a frenemy. Yeah, we’re obsessed with it but it doesn’t seem to like us. I have several dresses in my closet that need just a little extra help. That’s when I brave the heat in the name of fashion and pull on my trusty pair of Spanx.

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, is basically my hero. She has made it possible for me to lose a quick five pounds in a matter of minutes with one piece of material. I’m forever grateful for that, especially since I seem to find myself needing to attend last minute events often. Believe it or not, I actually don’t sport Spanx all of the time. In fact, it’s pretty rare. I usually wrestle them on only when needed like for a gala or fundraiser when my evening wear doesn’t want to get along. My body is what it is and I’m not going to go through a daily routine of masking what’s there. But whether you’re an occasional wearer or it’s an everyday affair, there’s one thing we can all agree on — Spanx are expensive.

Spending $40 or more for a pair of super tight underwear is not my favorite thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is totally worth it but I like to cut corners when I can. There are a few places you can find Spanx for much cheaper. So if you depend on these babies for a pick-me-up try these places first before charging that card.

  1. Steinmart– Steinmart always has a really good supply of Spanx ranging from small to extra large. The best part, this is probably one of the cheapest places to hit up. You can usually find a great pair for half its normal price!
  2. Nordstrom Rack– This is another great store for finding Spanx at half the price. While their supply isn’t as large as Steinmart, you can usually walk away with something that can work. It all depends on when they get their supply and when you happen to show up.
  3. Zulily You have to really hit Zulily at the right time to get a good variety but when you do, you can get Spanx for dirt cheap. To find out when they are having a sale, you can sign up for their email newsletter. They’ll update you on what they’re featuring daily.
  4. Hautelook- Hautelook is owned by Nordstrom and is another luck of the draw. I personally have their free app on my phone and check it everyday. At the bottom of their daily feed, you can look at what brands they’ll be featuring for their flash sale next. Keep on eye on this to know when to shop for Spanx. You literally have to be on the site at 10:00AM when the sale hits or you’ll miss out. They go out of stock fast. This is the best way to get a wide variety of the Spanx dynasty for a really good price.

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