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Ever since I started my Facebook group, it came unbelievably apparent to me how much plus size women struggle to find clothes that they both love and feel fit well. It’s a subject that often dominates the forum. I myself am no exception. Most plus size brands charge more than I can afford to have a full wardrobe that I am completely proud of showing off. That leaves me begging for scraps at stores with lower prices. That’s why when I found out about LuLaRoe, I had to share.

Let me start by saying that I am not a consultant. You aren’t being sold to so sit back and enjoy this post for what it is—informational. The first time I heard anything about LuLaRoe was from a friend on Facebook that invited me to a Facebook party. My initial thought was that buying something online was not going to work because it rarely does. Then there’s the common problem of most brands not even carrying my size. When I stopped in to check out the party, I was pleasantly surprised. While I didn’t buy that day I had discovered that that had a wide range of sizes all the way up to 3XL. I was still skeptical but my mind was more open to the idea of LuLaRoe.

I didn’t mess much with the brand much after that. I didn’t know the woman selling it so I didn’t really have much motivation. That all changed when a friend of mine asked me to join her Facebook group. She had just started carrying the clothes and was debuting her first sale. Trying to be supportive, I attended and before I knew it I was completely drooling over her items. I decided to give the brand a try and bought my first dress, the Nicole. When I tried it on I figured I’d end up having to send it back but I was dead wrong. I loved it! It was so flattering and flowed right over my problem areas. From that day on I was hooked.

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Fast forward a few weeks and I met another consultant. We were at a networking event together and I could tell right away that we would become great friends. Let me pause by saying that one thing I love about LuLaRoe is that you can buy from multiple consultants. The thing is that they only make about 10,000 pieces from one print. This means if you see a print you love, you have to buy it right away. Otherwise, you may never see it again. Genius marketing, huh? The company releases new prints all of the time so it’s totally okay for you to shop with multiple sellers since they are all going to be getting different prints. Okay, on with the story. So I met this awesome woman and I was instantly excited that I would have another venue to buy clothes from. The thing is, she was so much more than that. She was more than just another consultant. As I began to talk with Sabrena, I learned that there was a deep passion pouring out of her, one very similar to my own.

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Sabrena doesn’t just sell clothes, she’s also a photographer. And while she does do family portraits and other typical things you may see, she has a specialty. Sabrena does birth photography meaning she’s there with these women giving birth, capturing every beautiful second. And it goes further from there. You see, Sabrena is all about empowering women. She’s an advocate for public breastfeeding and is body positive. You can check out her photos on her website. They are beautiful masterpieces. I’ve met a lot of photographers and I can tell you now that she has something special.

Just like me, Sabrena has suffered from body positivity issues her whole life. Negative thoughts took over her mind from not thinking she was thin or pretty enough, to eating her emotions and gaining 50 pounds in college. It’s safe to say many of us have been on a similar path. Here’s why Sabrena does what she does:

“When I get behind the camera to make a woman feel beautiful – I am not only doing it for her, but for women everywhere (including myself). The more we as a society can see women as beautiful regardless of their waist size or some preconceived notion of what ‘pretty’ is, the more self esteem ALL women will have, and that includes showing young girls that we CAN and SHOULD love our bodies no matter what. Because women are more than just their looks – women are smart and strong, women are loving and nurturing, women are capable of moving mountains.”

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When I learned all of this about Sabrena, I asked if we could do collaboration. I was eager to share her talent with you all and I so badly wanted to tell you why LuLaRoe is a great solution for your dressing room woes. So, we did a little photo shoot.

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And she did move mountains. I certainly felt cute when I met up with her in Pflugerville for the shoot. But I had my reservations for how the photos would turn out. I’m not the best at placing myself in flattering positions. Luckily, Sabrena guided me through it all, situating me and telling me when poses simply didn’t work. When I got the final images delivered. I was astonished! Not only did Sabrena do LuLaRoe justice, but I was able to see that even though my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I was certainly being harder on it than I should. In other words, I felt beautiful.

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Want to get to know Sabrena and win some free clothes? We have an online party coming up September 24th from 6-9:00PM. You’ll have the chance to shop LuLaRoe from Sabrena’s inventory and I’ll be there to answer any questions you have on how a certain piece fits a plus size body.


You could win free leggings and a Fall beauty bundle as well. LuLaRoe is famous for their leggings because they are so soft. In fact, they are nicknamed “butter leggings.” The fall beauty bundle will feature a pumpkin scented shower gel from Bath and Body works, candle from Basic Wick Girls and a bright and fun lipgloss from Mary Kay. The winner will be announced the night of September 24th.

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Thighs and Lows Blog Giveaway

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