Planning for a Plus Sized Vacation

January, it’s a weird time to go on vacation, I know, but it worked for us. This time next week, we’ll be living it up in Orlando, Florida a few days at Disney World. While I’m certainly looking forward to our first vacation ever as a family, I do realize how much prep I have to put into the trip to make sure it’s enjoyable. Being plus sized means I have to think ahead. I’ve learned the hard way that not doing so can be extremely detrimental.

My husband and I have been to Disney World a couple of times together. The first was our honeymoon but our last visit, about three years ago, definitely has left its mark in my mind. This is mainly because I experienced extreme technical difficulties that put a damper on the festivities. I got really badly chaffed and had blisters literally all over my feet to name a few things. Going forward this time, I know what to look out for. Hopefully I’ll prepare well and not run into any issues.

First things first, I got new shoes and socks to help with the blister problem. Disney World has several parks and they all require a lot of walking. I mean, a lot! It’s the kind of steps that would make your FitBit’s dreams come true! I bought myself a new pair of tennis shoes that I felt would make me feel moderately fashionable and still serve the function of protection all day. I’m not a fan of wearing tennis shoes but I know I have to if I’m going to make it during our stay. So, I found some I felt would work. In addition to that, my husband encouraged me to buy thick socks. This would help cushion my feet from blisters. I like thin socks. I like my feet to have freedom so this thin sock thing may be the culprit. Until the trip, I’ll be breaking in these shoes to make sure all of the kinks are out. Hopefully the two strategies will serve me well this time around.

The next thing I did was make sure that I had outfits that made sense and I felt confident in. This is my main hang up when I’m traveling. I have some serious self-confidence issues and a lot of that is helped when I have full access to my closet. I have to feel like I have the right combination of clothing items on before I walk out the door. Otherwise, my mind is occupied on my weight. Because I obviously can’t take my closet with me, I have to be extremely intelligent on what I’m packing. This time I decided to buy all new fashion tees from Torrid that were Disney themed. All of them cover my stomach well and are comfy enough for all day wear.

The bottom half is the bigger issue at hand. Walking a lot and sweating a lot are a bad combination. Since we’ll be in Florida, there will definitely be sweat involved, even in January. I’ve found that wearing something that is tight on my legs helpsĀ prevent chaffing. So, I’m bringing yoga pants and my ever-so-loyal LulaRoe leggings. With the combination of cute long tees and leggings, I’m planning on looking cute, feeling comfy and staying pain free.

I will also be bringing back-up. I have an anti-chaffing stick that will come with me everywhere I go. Everywhere. I refuse to go through that again. It’s the worst and makes walking literal torture.

So with all that fuss, I’m hoping this vacation will be a comfortable one. My husband bought me a new suitcase for Christmas that I’m excited about breaking in. Here’s to plenty of magic this month!

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Plus Size Vacation Tips

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