A Plus Sized Vacation True Review

Well, we all made it back in one piece. Hallelujah we survived! There were times when it got real rough. Traveling anywhere with a toddler is no cup of tea. You can tell it took its toll by how long I’ve had to recuperate before writing this. Nevertheless, I now know what tactics did and didn’t work to make my Disney days bearable. Here’s what I learned so you can try it on your next vacation:

If you recall in my last article, I had gotten new shoes and socks to help prevent me from getting blisters. It had been a reoccurring problem in theme parks past. This plan worked! The new shoes really helped me walk the 10 miles a day I was pulling and the thick socks kept me blister free. However, by Day 3 my feet were insanely sore. So here’s my revised advice on the topic– bring not one, but two pairs of trusty tennis shoes. Switch them out every other day. This should help keep your feet from dying like mine tried to do. It also doesn’t hurt to buy a couple inserts for your heels to help ease blow after blow on days when you know you’ll be walking a lot.


Pack yourself a self care kit. Get a nice bath soak for sore muscles and let you body recover from the exertion. Taking a nice tube of Icy Hot can’t hurt either.

The next thing I did to prepare for my vacation was to make sure that I had outfits that made sense and I felt confident in. I will say, I should have paired everything together better but this worked out. I felt good about myself in the park for the most part and was definitely comfortable. I brought a pair of LuLaRoe leggings, Nike Tight Fit capris and Fabletics capris. I will say that yoga pants are the way to go in this instance. Nike was my favorite for longevity. LuLaRoe just didn’t mesh with the humidity well. They did get me through a full day, however.

Last, I brought an anti-chaffing stick with me everywhere and reapplied when I needed to. Let me tell you what, THIS was my saving grace. I’ve always chaffed on trips like this, always. This was the first time I’ve ever walked out of an amusement park with happy legs. Anti-chaffing sticks work! I’m so thankful for this beautiful product.

So, in conclusion, my plan worked out okay. It needed a few revisions but was pretty fool proof overall. Next time you take a plus sized vacation, consider these tips for a comfortable trip. Bon voyage!



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Plus Size Vacation Tips

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