SXSW Gave Me an Amazing Opportunity I’ll Never Forget

Being just feet away from Melissa McCarthy took everything in me to not go completely fangirl on her. She’s an inspiration and being in the same room with her was a complete honor. She was beautiful in her black heels and fringe clutch by her side. As she introduced the world premiere of her newly produced show, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like. Coming off of a hit show like “Gilmore Girls,” tends to set the bar pretty high. So, without further ado, here’s the whole story:

Melissa McCarthy has been a celebrity crush of mine for a long time. She’s a complete role model, pioneering the body positive movement in Hollywood and designing an entire brand to empower plus size women. So, naturally, when I heard whispers of her coming to SXSW, I lost my mind. I had an Interactive badge to the festival, which is pretty good street cred but I needed a Film badge to guarantee my entry into her premiere. I figured with secondary access being granted to those with Interactive badges, I had a 20% chance of getting to see her. Nevertheless, I arrived an hour and a half early to stake my spot in line.

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