Ready to Ditch the Diet?

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling comfortable in your own skin, knowing you are worthy and perfect just the way you are. Imagine having a positive relationship with food; no more stress, no more tension, just enjoyment and nourishment.

As an advocate for self-love and true happiness I have talked to many who have found that diets just aren’t working. You feel like you’re on a rollercoaster with high victories and low failures. It’s frustrating and leaves you feeling discouraged.

This is why I’m so grateful that Intuitive Eating Counsellor Jenna Free invited me to join her on this free interview series.

It’s called, You Ain’t Your Weight: How to ditch the diet, stop obsessing over food and cultivate genuine happiness.

As a member of my community, you have a free ticket for the event reserved just for you.

Get your free reserved ticket here >>

If you would like to start making your life bigger instead of constantly trying to make yourself smaller then this speaker series is going to highlight how you can begin down this transformative path.

You will get insights into:

+ how to stop the body hate thoughts

+ how to create healthier habits without dieting

+ how to navigate a world obsessed with dieting

+ top tips on how to stop the food obsession

You will get useful advice from 21 of the top body image and happiness experts on how to take action on changing your life by changing the way you act around food, how you feel about your body and how to live a life full of joy and happiness that lets you no longer need to wait on the weight!

This speaker series is something I believe everyone should attend so they can stop obsessing and start living. The weight loss will not bring you the happiness you’ve been searching for but this very well could!

Be sure to reserve your spot so you don’t miss my interview where I share my top tips on how to be content in the body you’re in right now.

Get your free reserved ticket here >>

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