Bending it Like Beckham

The new Target designer collection came out this month. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a collaboration like this from the big brand. The last I remember was Lilly Pulitzer and while all of the pieces were to die for, the organization behind the launch was a complete disaster.

If you remember it right, they announced that they would be doing plus sizes but failed to have any in store. Everything was online and since every body is different, shopping online was a terrible option. Nevertheless, I stayed up late to buy with the launch time being delayed again and again. When Target did finally get their act together, the collection sold out in seconds. It was not a great experience and the Internet was outraged. Knowing this past, I had similar expectations for Victoria Beckham.

Now, I’ll admit, I didn’t know how this collection would pan out in popularity. Lilly Pulitzer has a different name for itself in the fashion than Beckham. But, she was my favorite Spice Girl, mainly because of her amazing fashion sense. When I first heard the announcement that the collection would be designed by her, I was a little skeptical. I hadn’t seen anything by her before and I just didn’t know what would come of it. Trusting Target, I went ahead and previewed the collection. I was so impressed! The pieces were unique and great for just about anyone. And to top it off, Target announced that this time, they would have plus sizes in select stores. So I readied myself for another Lilly Pulitzer like disaster with the hopes that I would grab some pieces.

First, I did my research and hit up Target’s Twitter account. They announced that the collection would drop ‘in the early hours of the morning.’ I waited until about midnight with no luck and decided to set my alarm for 5AM. Hopefully, that was close to their very vague description. As my alarm buzzed, I popped up and immediately opened the website on my phone. There it was, the collection was live and everything I wanted was available. I decided to buy two things right away that I knew would most likely fit. The rest, I’d have to try on in store. As I checked out, I couldn’t believe that I had scored two pieces with light effort. I laid back down, reset my alarm to be there first thing when my local Target opened.

As I drove into the parking lot later that morning, I was shocked to see there was no line. When Lilly Pulitzer was for sale, there was a long line and a mad rush towards the collection. So, I got to try on everything I wanted and below is my assessment of what appealed to me. I will say, everything seemed well made and you can still find things in stores and online. It hasn’t all sold out just yet.

Victoria Beckham for Target Plus Size
I bought this in store. It is impeccably tailored and fits perfectly. I love the unique cuffs and fun print. It runs true to size.
Victoria Beckham for Target Plus Size
I loved this top. It sat a little high or else I would have bought it. I just don’t like my stomach ever showing. It runs true to size.


Victoria Beckham for Target Plus Size
I loved the sleeves on this dress and ended up purchasing it. I do think it runs a little big.
Victoria Beckham for Target Plus Size
This almost didn’t fit but it worked out. It also sits more cropped. It was definitely a bold blouse and takes some courage to sport.
Victoria Beckham for Target Plus Size
This color is incredible! However, anything in the collection that had a Spandex and Polyester mix was too tight and showed off my wobbly bits a little too much. I’d say go a size up.
Victoria Beckham for Target Plus Size
This also did not flatter my figure and was too cropped for my personal liking.
Victoria Beckham for Target Plus Size
This dress was stunning. If you can, get it. It’s so flattering. I did have to size up but I carry a lot of weight in my stomach. If you don’t, you can stay true to size.

I have loved this collection and Target got it right this time. Their launch was smooth and they’ve ended up having enough pieces available. If you have a chance to shop it, I highly encourage it. We have to show Target that they made the right choice in hosting plus sizes in store. Looking forward to the next collection!

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