You Ain’t Your Weight Interview

I had the honor and privilege to be part of Jenna Free’s Speaker Series for You Ain’t Your Weight. I was one of 21 speakers who got to share my thoughts on body positivity because my ultimate goal has always been to love the body I’m in right now, no matter the size. Jenna’s vision is similar and she hosts a program that encourages people to ditch the diet and be mindful about their eating habits.

She believes that if you truly listen to your body and fuel it with good things, you’ll find the weight your supposed to be at. It doesn’t really matter what that weight lands at because it’s the one your body chose. I love this concept because it completely focuses on health and what your body needs. You can find out more information on this in her Facebook group.

During our interview we discussed how society has long defined what beauty is and how we have the power to change it to a healthier outlook. We desperately need something that is more realistic and accepting so we can start appreciating all the amazing things our bodies are capable of. No matter if you are thin or overweight, your body is an incredible vessel. When we realize this and place our worth beyond what we see in the mirror, we can become unstoppable. Hear more about how to find confidence in your current state and what you can do to take on the beauty standards of today:

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