New’ish’ Clothes on the Cheap

Let’s face it, plus size clothing is so expensive! Especially if you shop at the main stores, you know which ones I’m referring to. Unfortunately, cheaper options don’t always carry the range of sizes I need. So, while I love to splurge every once in a while, on most occasions it’s just not an option for me to spend $40 on a T-shirt.

A few months ago a woman from my Facebook group asked if we could organize a clothing swap. I reached out to see if anyone else was interested and got a lot of response! So we organized a swap. Ladies would bring in their gently loved clothes to swap freely with other attendees. I personally walked out with two new tops and a pair of shoes. It was great to not have to spend a cent and get some new pieces.

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This is something I’ve really started getting into, finding affordable used clothes that are still in great condition. Some of my favorite past times now include scrolling through the Facebook marketplace on my phone and looking in plus size sell groups like these:

Second Hand Curves Plus Size Resale

FabFatshion Plus Size Resale

Curvy Cuties ~ Plus Size Re-Sale Clothing Below $30

I’ve also recently downloaded Poshmark. They have parties you can join that are solely for plus size women. I’ve found some great pieces for less than $20.

It takes a little research and time but so far my efforts have paid off. I’ve been able to update my closet for really cheap.

Share with me, what are some places you’ve found that sell plus size used clothes?

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