A Plus Size Halloween

If you’re a plus size lady then chances are you’ve had an extremely hard time finding a costume for the Halloween season. The costumes available are either too tight and fit weird or they cost tons of money. There’s really no win when it comes down to it. Not to mention the severe lack of variety. I’m not sure why this industry doesn’t cater to various sizes like they should but the reality is they don’t. A Facebook friend of mine summed it up quite perfectly:

“Plus size costumes are a… joke. The options are so limited. They fit too tight and short or way too big and baggy. They’re not sexy or scary. AND THEY’RE TOO EXPENSIVE. I don’t wanna pay…90.00 for a dress made of cheap… materials.”

Yep, I’m right there with ya sister. For the longest time I didn’t dress up for Halloween partially because of this and also because I really didn’t have much of a reason to start with. But now that I have a daughter things have changed. I love dressing up as a family and she loves it too. Problem is, I’m having to get super creative to make something work. Last year my daughter was so in love with The Little Mermaid so that became our theme. I was able to pull something together for less than $30 and I loved my cheap costume. I got to be Ursula and all I had to buy was a purple long sleeved shirt and foam to cut out tentacles from. I had a black jumpsuit from a holiday party last year that pulled everything together. If I had bought this in the store, it would have cost me $89.99! No thank you!

This year I’m in the same boat. I have a daughter to please and not much money to spend. She wants to be Belle and since I’m pregnant, I think Mrs. Potts is the perfect character for me. I’ll make a nice, round teapot. Because there isn’t a costume that exists for this character, I’ve had to really think out of the box. So far, it’s going good! I’ll wear a white top and purple skirt. I’ve made a belt of ribbon and cut outs to symbolize the decorated bottom of a tea pot.

With a $.50 piece of poster board, I’ve made my handle and spout. And I haven’t forgotten Chip, he’ll be pinned to my tummy to represent new baby Pedersen.

The best part happens to be the lid of the teapot. A top knot is just the right hair style to pull this off!

So, yes, it’s frustrating that I’m always having to make a costume but it’s also fun. I’ve grown to love the challenge of getting creative to save money and still make a big impression. Until the Halloween industry wakes up, I encourage you all to try making your own costume this year. You might surprise yourself. No need to let the lack of availability hold you back from a fun celebration!

P.S. I’ll post my costume to the Thighs and Lows Blog Facebook group around Halloween. Join to be on the lookout!

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