How I Wiggled My Way Into Modeling for a Band Merch Store

It all started when the band for KING & COUNTRY sent a friend and I a surprise in the mail. Unpacking the box, we pulled out two super stylish bomber jackets with their logo on the back. We loved them so much, we wanted to come up with a fun way to say thank you. So, my friend Lisa called up her photographer to see if she’d be up for a mini session modeling the jackets. We planned on posting the photos on Instagram and hashtagging our hearts out as a thank you to the band. Plus, who doesn’t love a photo shoot?

Photo by April Mae Creative

I’d never met April of April Mae Creative but I’d seen her work. It’s gorgeous. She’s one of those classic photographers that appreciates things just the way they are. There isn’t a lot of filters or editing involved. What you see is pure, raw talent of capturing the light just right to make the subject matter pop. I was excited to meet her. She has been friends with Lisa for years.

Photo by April Mae Creative

We pulled into downtown Austin and met up with April. She was instantly charming and it didn’t take long for us to all flow nicely into the routine. I love when a photographer will tell you exactly what they want. Otherwise, I get awkward fast. Everything felt easy but I did have some insecurities being 7 months pregnant. Nothing sits on my body smoothly and I was worried I’d be a hot mess. To my surprise, that never became a problem. I couldn’t believe how beautifully the photos came out even with my unique situation.

Photo by April Mae Creative
Photo by April Mae Creative
Photo by April Mae Creative

After the photo shoot, we stopped and had brunch and caught up further with April. She photographs a lot of weddings and now seeing the results of our mini session, I’m not surprised. We thanked her for her time and went on our way. I’ve always had a difficult time waiting for the images to arrive after a photo shoot. I get so excited but I know the wait is totally worth it.

Both Lisa and I were blown away when they arrived in our inbox. Of course we started posting them right away but Lisa also sent them to the band. And guess what? They posted some in their online merch store! How exciting is that?! A mini shoot to say thank you for our awesome bomber jackets turned into so much more. I’m pretty sure it all comes down to April’s talent but I’ll take it.

If you’re in the Austin area, you can grab your own jacket and enjoy an incredible concert by for KING & COUNTRY and Casting Crowns this Thursday, November 30th. A Glorious Christmas will feature both the band’s greatest hits and Christmas classics at the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park. Tickets are on sale now! My favorite part? The jackets go up to size 2XL. I love when clothing retailers cater to all sizes. I’m wearing an XL in this photo and it fits nicely. Looking forward to an amazing week ahead wearing my awesome new jacket.

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