Move Over LuLaRoe, There’s a New Kid in Town

I remember when I first discovered LuLaRoe, I feel in love hard. It’s hard to find plus size clothing that fits so when I do, I’m all in. Over time I greedily collected several patterns of styles I preferred on my body. So much so that I ended up stopping completely. I had bought quite a lot from the brand. How many pieces of the same exact style did I really need?

Unfortunately for my wallet, LuLaRoe has incredible marketing on its side. The Disney collection pulled me in again and I’m a total sucker for the holiday elegant collection. Because of gimmicks like these, I’ve found myself joining several multi-consultant groups. I’m able to watch these and search for specific styles and patterns I’m wanting. It gives me more of a chance to get exactly what I want. Well, one group caught my attention and it all stemmed from confusion. The Roe World sounds like exactly what it is, a world full of LuLaRoe. So it would make total sense that I would expect to find only LuLaRoe products listed, right? Welp, apparently that is not correct. You see, I was casually scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I noticed a dress that looked like a Carly but it was off. Plus, it wasn’t called a Carly. It had the title, Curie on it. That stopped me in my tracks. Had LuLaRoe come out with a new style? So I clicked into the group and quickly discovered a whole new brand.

Before me stood Agnes and Dora, a company I had never heard of before. I began thumbing through the photo albums of various consultants and not only found that the clothing brand was similar to LuLaRoe in the way you purchase items but also in some of it’s styles. However, Agnes and Dora has quite a few more styles and there are some that are very different from their competitor. It didn’t take long for me to realize that they catered to plus size women and had several flattering styles as well. So, I took one for the team and decided to buy a piece. I wanted to see how it would fit. Was it worth me investing more into?

With the price point similar to LuLaRoe, I decided to get a top to stay within a comfortable price range. I didn’t want to spend too much money if the item didn’t work for me. I decided to go with the Muse top for $32. It looked flattering over the tummy area and came in a XXL. I ordered from a consultant named Amanda. You can join her Facebook group here. She has quite a few contests to win free items which I’m not upset at all about! I got my package fairly fast and couldn’t wait to pull out the new top and try it on. As I unwrapped the package, I felt the very familiar but unsuspecting softness of the material it was made of of. You guys, it was the same material LuLaRoe makes their leggings out of. I was holding a top that was super soft. I tried it on and it definitely fit. It flowed over my stomach nicely which I always prefer. I don’t like items that are tight around that area. While I’m not a great standard to see how clothing fits right now as I’m 7 months pregnant, I could tell it would fit well when my body goes back to normal next year. I was happy with my first purchase from this company.

I’m looking forward to investing a little more into this brand and trying out more styles. While it is very similar to LuLaRoe, it is a refreshing change with quite a few more silhouettes to choose from. If you’re a Roe fan, you’re going to like Agnes and Dora. Besides, how can I not support a company that is purposely catering to all body types?

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