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It seems like everywhere we go we are surrounded by messages of how we should look, what we should buy and even how we should feel. It’s only gotten stronger with the advancements of technology. Heck, all of us carry a very powerful super computer with us everyday– our phones. Most of us allow these messages to be an active part in our lives through social media. In fact, we often choose to follow certain types of people we want to know more about. How many celebrities do you currently follow on Instagram? And then there are the influencers that fit within different hobbies and interests we have. We give them permission to be a part of what we see and think everyday. That’s why I feel it is so important to take notice of who we let in our feeds.

Like most people, I too follow models, celebrities, makeup artists and more. I love the inspiration they offer. However, I also realize that allowing them in my view can subject me to a level of perfection that is impossible to obtain. Most of these people have photographers, makeup artists and more to help them portray a certain image. They present a beautiful narrative that is not raw or completely real, it hides behind filters and deceptive techniques to tell the story they want us to see. And while many of us know this to be true, we often forget it. I find myself so often getting caught up in it all, wishing I had their hair or body.

That’s why when I made the decision to add a bunch of body positive advocates to my follow list, it changed everything! Scrolling through my feed to find various body types that celebrate who they are is so refreshing. It has encouraged me to give myself a little more grace and embrace both my strengths and my flaws. Below are a few people I enjoy following and I hope you’ll add them to your Instagram as well. I think you’ll see that once they become integrated into your daily content, your whole outlook will transform for the better.

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Something I realised last year is that I've spent the majority of my life giving other people the power to define me, rather than taking that power for myself. I've let others decide how beautiful I am, how smart I am, whether my thoughts are valuable, even allowing them to tell me what my own intentions or beliefs are, and thinking that they must be right, even when they break me down into worthless pieces. Since then I've been trying my best to unlearn that. To reclaim my right to define myself. To trust that I know me, what I believe, who I am, and ultimately, my own worth, better than they do. Because if we don't take that power for ourselves, we'll spend our lives being broken into pieces by everyone else's opinion of us. And we have too much to do, to learn and to BE to waste time giving ourselves away to people intent on devaluing us. I'll probably spend a lifetime unlearning the idea that how I see myself is in everyone's hands except my own. But I think it'll be worth it. Because even a drop of that power reclaimed and placed in our own hands, is stronger and brighter and a million times more valuable than their approval ever could be. So let's go find that. Let's build a sense of self so strong that nobody could convince us we are what we're not. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 Photograph by @lindablacker 📷 first image colour edited to fit the photographer's theme ✨ second image completely raw and untouched 🌸

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Here's the thing. I hear a lot of women say that they can't afford to buy new clothes and this is why weight gain is so hard for them, they can't afford it. (I get it, we don't all have the same financial situation). However, when you're saying that at the same time as investing in weight loss programs I just can't take it seriously!! It's ok to be afraid of weight gain, we live in a culture that tells us that it is the #1 thing we should be worried about, you are not to blame. However, don't kid yourself with thinking that you fear weight gain because you don't want to buy new clothes, I promise you if you lost weight, you'd be at the mall in a minute celebrating that you're now wearing a smaller size. If you're really focused on the clothes on this journey, know that it is likely just a distraction from the real pain and insecurities you may still be holding around not being as thin as you once were. Bodies were meant to change, with the fast fashion we have going on in our culture right now, you'll be fine. Find a clothing swap to go to, get together with some friends and share clothes. Your freedom is not worth giving up because you don't feel like buying bigger jeans, once you're finally free from food and body shame that shit just won't matter anymore (at least not as much as it does now). Do you focus a lot on clothing on this journey? Is there anyway this could be a distraction from your real feelings around your body? Image from @bodyposipanda . . . . . #bodypositive #bopo #yycwellness #haes #edrecovery #selfloveisthebestlove #effyourbeautystandards #yycfitness #bodylove #youarebeautiful #embracethesquish #healthyisthenewskinny #ihaveembraced #bedrecovery #anarecovery #antidiet #neda #antidietculture #antidiet #thebodylovesociety #youaintyourweight #bodypositvity #loveyourbody #nomorediets #intuitiveeating #worthoverweight #bodypositvitymovement #nomorediets #pregnancydiet #ditchthediet

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Of course, I’d love to connect with you as well. You can find me on Instagram at @thighsandlows

Happy gramming!

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Top Body Positive Instagram Accounts

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