Instagram Musings: Postpartum Belly

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“Mommy, why is your tummy still big after the baby came out?” A few years ago I would have crumbled at this question but I’m in a much different place now. The stomach I used to hate is now a badge of honor. It has given me the gift of two healthy and beautiful children. How could I hate it? Yes, many days I wish it was smaller, I wish I could easily find clothes that fit in a flattering way. But I’ve learned to give it grace because my stomach is going through life with me. Through all of the stress eating, drive-thru meals from trying to manage work life balance and lack of exercise because there aren’t enough minutes in the day to fulfill the needs of my home and family, it has reflected it all. I’m choosing not to be upset about that. I’m doing the best I can and if a bigger tummy means that I have the time and focus to love this little girl more, then I’m here to embrace it.

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