Guys Have Body Issues Too

I know you’re probably reading this title and thinking, well, duh! And I suppose you’re right. I seriously doubt I’ll be able to tell you something you don’t already know but it still deserves to be talked about.

It’s no surprise that plus size bodies are heavily underrepresented in today’s world. We rarely see average body types grace the entertainment or fashion industries and when they do, it stands out. It certainly is refreshing to see but I’d love to get to a place where I don’t notice it anymore because it’s become the norm. However, there is a movement going on and it’s absolutely glorious. We’re starting to see plus size models gain fame like Ashley Graham. Even Project Runway has gotten in on the revolution by using all size models to display their various challenges. But while we’re starting to see a change happen, one thing is still missing–male representation. Yes, that’s right. There are a lot of females backing body positivity but I don’t see a lot of males garnering the same amount of attention.

The truth is that body issues are universal. Plus size male models should be getting just as much attention as their female counterparts, and that’s just one area lacking. It’s so easy to focus on the societal issues that seem to revolve around women. We still have a lot of work to do. For our entire lives we’ve been told we’re not good enough. That our hair needs to be blonder, our bodies thinner and our clothes more expensive than our checking accounts could possibly afford. Magazines, movies, television shows, they all have carried this message so long by simply omitting the real woman body. It’s because of this that some amazing women have finally gotten fed up. But what about guys? Don’t they face the same issues? Sure they do. Think about all of the endless comic book enterprises taking over the silver screen. Every single one of those characters are totally ripped. In truth, we’re all held to nearly impossible standards. If we truly want to care for each other, we need to remember that body positivity is for all genders.

I don’t know why I was surprised when my husband stepped off the scale completely discouraged. Somewhere in the back of my mind I figured he was fine with the way he looked. That guys didn’t really care about weight and just went with the flow. It was in that moment that the blinders were pulled off of my eyes. I’m not the only one constantly stressing about how my clothes fit or what my current weight happens to be. We’re both in a fight to find contentment with our bodies in a world that constantly tells us we never will. It’s so important we keep encouraging each other no matter what size we happen to be. In fact, that night my husband’s faced completely dropped in disappointment I looked at him and told him I didn’t care about his size. I really don’t and I’ll love him no matter what. He’ll always be the handsome, sexy guy I was lucky enough to marry and it’s important for me to share that with him. So be kind and encouraging to everyone you meet. You never know what battle they are fighting within.

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