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VBO- that stands for Visible Belly Outline. I’ve never been a fan of VBO on myself. I have no problem with others working it but for me, I did everything in my power to find just the right clothes that would hide it. Being a plus size woman with a total mama belly meant finding the right clothes was nearly impossible. There’s really not much in my closet because of it, I mainly get creative mixing and matching pieces. But today I tried something different, something I never thought I’d ever do. I let my VBO show. With my current postpartum body the clothes I have are even more limited. They were for my old body. But with this new body comes a new outlook. Despite bravely showing off a VBO today, I got multiple compliments. It’s a good reminder that we are our own worst critics and just because we notice a fault doesn’t mean someone else will. Be brave today and be you. You may just surprise yourself.

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