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This weekend has been a big one for teaching my daughter to be body positive. She’s been noticing differences from person to person lately. It all started with the question, “Mommy, when will your tummy go back down like mine is now that the baby is out?” I’m so glad I’m now in a place of acceptance with my body where this kind of question doesn’t have any power over my self-image. I chuckled and basically told her it may never go down and that’s okay. I went on to explain how all bodies and moms are different. Some tummies stay big and others go back down but you can find beauty in both. Later that day, she walked in on my mother changing and asked about her stomach. My mom has scars all over hers due to a major life-saving surgery. Another example of how a body part might look different than expected. And yet, our unconventional bodies each tell their own story. A story of me asking my professor in college if I could leave in the middle of my final because my mother was in the hospital dying. Racked with fear I raced down the highway for an hour long drive that would feel like eternity. She would eventually come out Of surgery only for us to go through the same process multiple times for years. Yes, those scars have quite a story. ⏳ . . . A big misconception is that body positivity is only about weight but that’s not at all what it is. Body positivity is the movement that calls for acceptance over any type of body that is underrepresented in society. It’s so important for me to teach my girl that God created each of us in our own unique way. We are His masterpiece and should celebrate these differences that make each of us special. Even if we are not born with the various things that make us different, we have been each given our own specific journey that may leave us changed and much different than we were before. For my mom, she’s a walking miracle. As for me, I’m still growing day by day as I learn how to become the best mother I can be. It’s a gift I wouldn’t give up for the world.

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