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The scale has not been good to me lately. A lot of the weight I lost at first from nursing is slowly creeping back. My lack of ability to get adequate exercise or eat well isn’t helping my case. Most of the time I’m stuffing my face quickly so I can attend to a crying baby and it’s about the same story when it comes to working out as well. I feel defeated by this little black scale on my bathroom floor. It’s almost feels like it’s saying that I can’t have it all, be a good mom and mind my health. Maybe it’s right in this stage of life I’ve found myself in. I’m continuously taking care of a two-month-old, four-year-old, working full time and trying to keep the house clean. Maybe I can’t do it all right now. I’m trying to be okay with that and give myself some grace. I saw a quote last night that I really needed. Perhaps you need to hear it too. It says, “Losing weight will not increase my value as a person.” It’s true and I’ll carry it close while I’ll travel down this new path doing the very best I can. ✨ #perfectlyimperfect #psblogger #beautybeyondsize #bodypositive #boldncurvy #bodyposi #honormycurves #celebratemysize #bopo #bbw #plussizebeauty #selflove #bodylove #antidiet #healthyisthenewskinny #loveyourbody #worthoverweight #ditchthediet #bodypositivemovement #bodypositivebabe #curvyconfidence #curvygirl #curvylife #embraceyourself #fatandfabulous #goldenconfidence #loveyourbody #plussizewomen #thesecurves #youaintyourweight

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