Curvy Summer Scene

I’ve continuously been blessed with the Thighs and Lows Blog community on Facebook. While I certainly try to keep up with the industry, there is no doubt that I initially miss things while stretching my time from blogging, being a mommy and working full-time. Thanks to group member Tierra, I was turned on to an upcoming event right here in the heart of Texas!

I made it a point to attend Curvy Summer Scene, the first event of its kind hosted by body positive influencers SarahJaneReign and VoluptuousLeah. For years I’ve been dying to go to The CURVYcon but there’s just no way in my current life. Paying for the convention, plane tickets and hotel in NYC just doesn’t work for my budget. So year after year, I’ve watched all of the action from afar, wishing I could mingle with all of the full figured beauties I admire through their blogs and social media. So when I found out that there would be a body positive event in Galveston, I immediately got my aunt on the phone and asked if I could stay with her for a night in Houston. It took a little convincing to get my husband on board with spending a little extra cash we hadn’t planned for but without the expense of a hotel, it was easy to get him to come around. So, I bought my ticket, not knowing what to expect and impatiently counted down the days until the big event.

Saturday was supposed to start on the beach with a photoshoot! So, I figured I’d try to be Wonder Woman and tote the kids along so we could get a mini family vacation in at the same time. My daughter had been begging me to bring her to the beach and my husband was busy and couldn’t join us. Little did I know what a bad idea this was. Bringing a baby and a 4-year-old to the beach alone is basically self-torture. With the heat and inability to put the baby down, I was trouncing around like a crazy lady and practically dying while doing so. But, I was at Curvy Summer Scene and you better believe I was going to make the most of it.

I missed the photoshoot but got there just in time to enjoy a fashion show featuring several influencers in the industry flaunting their stuff down the beach. I was shocked at how many faces I recognized. There were tons of beautiful, curvy women with thousands of followers on Instagram to my left and my right with little ole’ me in the middle trying to quiet crazy kids. It was intimidating, exciting and I’m sure I garnered a lot of attention right off. I absolutely loved being in a large group of women that looked just like me, strutting their stuff in swimsuits while we all loudly cheered them on. It was such an empowering setting. I felt comfortable with these women, and, for once, I didn’t compare myself to them or feel inadequate. I just sat there and enjoyed each woman’s unique beauty. It was such a refreshing break from the usual negative thoughts that run in my mind so often that I rarely even notice them anymore.

After the fashion show I had almost completely melted. My skin was feeling hot and the kids were complaining so it was the perfect time to hit up the icecream social. We met in a charming icecream shop in downtown Galveston that was surrounded with cool murals. I guiltlessly ordered something to cool down with for my daughter and I and then squeezed in to a table with the ladies. Each woman introduced herself and shared her heart. I even got a turn, which was cool. Everyone was so supportive, asking me questions and grabbing my Instagram handle. I was pretty starstruck sitting face to face with women who had inspired me so many times with online posts. VoluptuousLeah even held baby Ezra for a time. If nothing else, I would have paid big money to be a part of a social like that. Never would I ever have imagined that not only would I get to share my story but that I’d get to know everyone on a more personal level. Sometimes you meet someone you’ve been admiring from afar only to realize that they aren’t who you thought they were. This was not the case here. Every single influencer there had a big heart, loves to support women and truly wants to help.

I left after that. The kids were restless and my heart was full. They had a swim party at a bar downtown that had a pool. I enjoyed the photos from my comfortable bed wishing I could get to know them more. But what I got was more than enough. We skipped the panels the next day. I was bummed to do so but it seemed pretty necessary. I’ve learned a pretty huge lesson in that I need to leave the kids at home next time.

All in all the few hours I spent at Curvy Summer Scene were amazing. I’m still on a high from it. We need more community driven events like this. Being with your people is so fulfilling. Give these amazing ladies a follow if you don’t already follow them. They have amazing perspectives I know you’ll love.






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