Photo credit: Sabrena Rexing Photography

As many of you know, August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. This one’s particularly special to me because I’ve thought multiple times within the past couple of months that my supply was completely gone.

Going back to work after having my son has completely destroyed me. I feel like I can’t keep up and having my milk supply dramatically increase has been the icing on the cake that I’ve been eating my feelings with. But I have felt so encouraged by the moms I’ve been surrounded with. Like Austin photographer, Sabrena Rexing who invited me to get out of my shell and join her for a beautiful public breastfeeding photo shoot. If you had asked me even just a year ago if I would be breastfeeding in public, I would have told you no. But my breastfeeding journey with my son has been a remarkable experience that has helped me break free of the anxiety of judgement and take the very best care of him. My daughter, now 4-years-old was not interested in nursing at all. Though I think a lot of it stemmed from misinformation and lack of education, I was only able to nurse her for about 2 months. This baby boy is a whole new rodeo and I’ve embraced every minute of it. I feel so privileged to be able to feed him on demand, well that was until my milk supply really took a turn for the worse.

When I saw Austin blogger and Lactation Consultant, Naya Weber’s awesome jewelry making event at Nina Berenato’s store in the Domain, I really, really wanted to go. First of all, Nina’s work is to die for. I literally want everything that woman makes. Second, it was a jewelry making class and not just any jewelry making class, one where you get to make boob earrings! How could I not be in!? So I RSVP’d and hoped that during that time, I’d get to pick Naya’s brain on what might be going on with my nursing hangups.

Photo by Jack’s Mom in Austin Blogger, Adriana

So that’s what I did. I always get a little social anxiety whenever going to any event where I don’t really know anyone. But I have to say, I’ve never been anywhere I didn’t leave feeling so glad I got past all of that to attend. I’ve met so many amazing women that way. This was no different. Not only did I gain a new appreciation for all that goes into jewelry making, I got to spend some quality time with amazing moms and make boob earrings!

Photo by Jack’s Mom in Austin Blogger, Adriana

For one thing, Naya answered my question about my milk supply problem and it completely changed my world. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting an answer for a problem that has been burdening you for so long. She explained to me that when I returned back to work for long periods of time away from my son, my body was not responding to the very mechanical approach pumping can have. Just another confirmation that the female body is completely amazing. Our bodies can tell then difference between baby and pump and will respond differently to both. She went on to give me some things to try. I feel so relieved. I honestly thought I would be grieving the loss of breastfeeding my son in August, but instead, I’m celebrating! I have the tools I need to push forward thanks to Naya. So if you need a lactation consultant or know someone who does, don’t hesitate to reach out. She’s passionate about what she does and is even willing to work with any budget.

Besides my amazing revelations with Naya, I got to meet the ladies of the Top Knot Squad Podcast. These women are intelligent, funny and all around good conversation. If you’re looking for a way to stay sane during your morning commutes in traffic, subscribe to this podcast. It’s a great listen for any mom. Jack’s Mom in Austin blogger, Adriana is also a host of the podcast. I’ve been dying to hang out with her for a while and I got my chance after the workshop. Along with Naya, we ate a late lunch and finished it all off with a cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcakes. I have to say, it is so refreshing to eat with women who are not obsessing over every single calorie. Let’s just enjoy our food, people! We enjoyed plenty of mom talk before parting ways.

I can’t wait to go back to Nina’s store for more fun. She hosts all sorts of workshops you can join each month. And apart from the amazing jewelry, she has tons of really cool body positive and feminist products to buy or add to your wishlist. She’s a big supporter of local Austin businesses.

One thing she has a collection box in store for is something I had never heard about until today. Flo Code accepts donations like tampons, sanitary napkins, etc. to provide menstrual products to those in need. Let’s face it, ladies that stuff can be expensive but everyone deserves access to it!

So to wrap it all up, I had an amazing day with some incredible women. I learned and laughed a lot and have to say that I think this Breastfeeding Awareness Month is my favorite to date!

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