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When I became a mother, my life completely changed. It’s been a wonderful gift but one that has come with many sacrifices. Some which have found themselves sitting along my waistline. Weight has also been an issue in my life. I grew up always living by the scale and finding a lot of disappointment along the way. After having not one but two little miracles, I realized what an amazing machine my body truly is. It may not be perfect by society’s standards but it has done a lot of amazing things for me. It’s time I honor that. We live in a world that has set a specific standard on what we should all look like but the truth is we are all made to be uniquely different. Every body deserves to be respected big or small. That’s why I want to empower women everywhere to own their beauty no matter what size they happen to be. May you find inspiration and encouragement here.

I also enjoy blogging for All Mom Does and The Huffington Post on other issues. Feel free to stop by and say hello!

Oh yeah, and if that isn’t enough extra curriculars on my plate, I also enjoy co-hosting a podcast called Chronicles of a Banned Book. There, we discuss the juicy details of Bible stories your pastor usually skips over. It’s super fun, hilarious and you’ll learn a lot. Download it on iTunes.

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  1. Amanda Martinez says:

    I came to your blog because I read an article you wrote about kissing your daughter on her lips. I just wanted to say I agree with you and I am glad to not be alone! My son is almost 2 1/2 and has *finally* gotten the concept of kissing to show love (since I’ve showered him with kisses since the day he was born). Although the vast majority of my kisses have been on his cheeks, he mostly picked up on kissing on the lips. He makes a big production of it (smiling and giving a loud “aaaaaaaahhhhhh” wind up before he puckers and kisses me on the lips) and I absolutely adore the demonstration. I admit I have been nervous that he will do this during daycare pickup/drop-off one of these days, as I don’t know how his teachers will take it!

    It was just nice to read something so publicly posted from another mom. I, too, will continue to kiss my son on the lips for however long we both are comfortable with it, and I wanted YOU to know also that there’s another mom out there who agrees!


    1. Jillian Hailey says:

      That is so sweet, Amanda. Thank you for taking the time to search out my blog and post this. Appreciate the support and wish you and your sweet boy the very best!


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